Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers
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For detailed information on BOSS events contact the BOSS president at 502-624-2677.
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The Fort Knox Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) program's mission is to address the needs of Single Soldiers, Single Parents, and Geographical Bachelors primarily, but BOSS welcomes anyone eligible to participate in DMWR activities to participate in it's events. 

The mission of the Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) program is to support the needs of Single Soldiers, Single Parents, and Geographical Bachelors.  The Fort Knox BOSS program welcomes all eligible DMWR patrons to participate in its events, regardless of rank or marital status.  The Army BOSS program is defined in the DA Circular 608-04-01 and the Fort Knox BOSS MOI further defines the composition and mission of BOSS at Fort Knox.

The three pillars of BOSS are Community Service, Quality of Life, and Recreation/Leisure.  The Community Service pillar of the BOSS program encourages Single Soldiers to become active in the Fort Knox and surrounding communities.  Recent examples of Fort Knox BOSS Community Service projects include quarterly trips to the VA Medical Center in Louisville, participation in the local Relay for Life for cancer awareness, and the continued BOSS Against Drunk Driving (BADD) effort.  The Quality of Life pillar deals with issues that affect Single Soldiers lives that cannot be addressed by the Soldier's direct chain of command.  Quality of Life issues can range from anything from delinquent repair work order issues to dinners for Soldiers staying on post during a holiday break.  The Recreation/Leisure pillar of the BOSS program allows eligible participants and their guests to enjoy discounted events and trips in, around, and outside the Fort Knox community.  Paintball, video game tournaments, cookouts, skiing, whitewater rafting, and trips to the beaches of Florida are all examples of BOSS Recreation/Leisure events.

Every unit on Fort Knox is required to provide a Single Soldier BOSS Representative and alternate on additional duty orders.  The appointed BOSS Representatives are responsible for bringing the issues of the Soldiers they represent to the BOSS General Committee and BOSS President, as well as disseminating information to their Soldiers about upcoming BOSS Events.

The Fort Knox BOSS program can only be successful with the support of the Chain of Command.   Single Soldiers should be encouraged and be given time to participate when the mission permits. 

For more information about the Fort Knox BOSS program and its activities contact the Fort Knox BOSS President at 502-624-BOSS(2677).

INFORMATION: WORK (502)624-2677 FAX (502)624-1129
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