French Shooting Club


French Shooting Club is a top-notch, safe and secure facility for all of your shooting needs. We offer Skeet, Trap, 5-Stand by reservation, 3D Archery and Rifle/Pistol up to 200 yards. Open to the public, French Shooting Club welcomes all skill levels and can be utilized for shooting and social events. Shotgun Rentals and shooting supplies are available in the Club House. Please call ahead for information on Gate Access.French Shooting Club rifle/pistol range is open for shooting distance from 15 yards to 200 yards


FEB-APR: Saturday 10 am-5 pm, Sunday 12 pm-5 pm

MAY-DEC: Wednesday & Thursday 12 pm-7 pm, Saturday 10 am-5 pm, Sunday 12 pm-5 pm

CLOSED 10 Dec 2005 through January 2006

And remember�

9333 Main Range Road, Fort Knox, KY 40121
(502) 624-7754, (DSN) 464-7754


A MWR card is required for all non-military shooters who wish to bring their own firearms on base for recreational use at the club. The card is provided as a service and is free of charge. It can be obtained from the MWR main office at 4248 Bullion Blvd. 502.624.3232, Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 4:30 pm. It takes less than 15 minutes. Obtaining the French Range MWR Card performs a background check to make sure you have the right to have a firearm and have not been convicted under the Lautenburg Amendment of 1968. Persons convicted of misdemeanor Domestic Violence can not own, carry, purchase or use firearms or purchase ammunition. The card is good for one year.

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Non-Member Price    $4.00 / Day
Club Members                       $2.00 / Day

 Shotgun Rental $5.00
Youth (under the age of 16) $1 off non-member price! 

Club Memberships � Monthly club memberships are available. Members receive special pricing on shooting activities!

Club Membership      $15 monthly  or $40 for 3 months
Family Membership   $25 monthly or $70 for 3 months


Non-Member Price    $6.00 / round
Club Members                       $4.00 / round

Non-member Price     $7.00 / round
Club Members                       $5.00 / round

Non-Member Price    $7.00
Club Members                       $4.00
10-visit rifle/pistol shot card for $50.


Range Rules
1.      All shooters and guests are required to sign in at the club house, Bldg. 9333, prior to going on to the firing line and are required to sign out before departing.

2.      Weapons are not permitted to be holstered on the premises.

3.      Guns will not be loaded until on shooting station, no more then 2 shells will be loaded unless on station #8 (skeet) and then only one round per high and low house.

4.      The gun action will be open when not on shooting station.

5.      All weapon muzzles must be pointed down range at all times.

6.      Squad members must remain behind the shooter.

7.      All spectators and non-shooters must remain behind the skeet, trap, 5-stand and rifle/pistol range firing pads. Only one spotter per shooter is allowed on the rifle/pistol firing pad.

8.      Ear protection is required of all shooters and eye protection is recommended. All spectators and spotters on the firing line are required to wear hearing protection.

9.      Only shotguns will be fired on the skeet/trap/5-stand ranges. Slugs will not be used. Slugs are permitted only on the rifle/pistol range.

10.  Smoking is not permitted on the firing line or in the clubhouse.

11.  Alcoholic beverage is not permitted on the firing range.

12.  Creating a disturbance, horse playing, or performing an unsafe act will not be tolerated and may lead to dismissal or suspension.

13.  Customers are not permitted in the skeet, trap, 5-stand houses or past the firing line.

14.  Shooters are responsible for policing their expended shells and boxes upon completion of firing.

15.  Only guns less than .50 caliber are allowed on the rifle/pistol range. Muzzleloaders may exceed .50 caliber. Fully automatic weapons, tracer ammunitions or rapid firing are not permitted.

16.  Only approved targets provided by the range are permitted.

17.  Anyone may call a cease-fire. All shooters must acknowledge and unload their weapons, lock the bolt in the open position and place the weapon on safe before shooters are permitted to go down range and inspect or change their targets. NO ONE WILL BE PERMITTED TO HANDLE A WEAPON during a cease-fire.

18.  Club targets on the archery range are not to be moved without prior approval from the staff.

19.  Archery targets must be placed in front of the backstop.

20.  Broad heads are not permitted on the archery range.