Recycle Auction October 8.

For special recycle pickup or or questions please click here to send Recycle an email. Please include your name and phone number and you will be contacted by a member of Recycle staff.

Recycle Pick-up starts at 8 am on Sept 26.

Recycle Program

The Fort Knox Recycle Program exists to provide home and office pickup for Fort Knox, as well as a drop off point for the surrounding communities, of recyclable materials in a fast and economical manner.

Fort Knox Qualifying Recycle Program Mission

To protect the environment and conserve natural resources by maximizing the diversion of materials from the waste stream and increasing awareness of the benefits of recycling.

To save Appropriated Funds by greatly reducing the amount of solid waste being transported to local landfills.

To generate Non-Appropriated Fund revenue through the sale of recyclable materials and to return that revenue to the community for use in Morale, Welfare and Recreational programs.

To operate the program in the most efficient manner possible to ensure the maximum profit is returned to the installation and families through the Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs.

The Fort Knox Recycle operation includes:

  • Curbside pickup from Fort Knox homes
  • Ft. Knox office pickup of paper, aluminum cans
  • Cardboard pickup from over sixty locations daily
  • Wooden pallet and metal pickup from various locations in Fort Knox and in surrounding civilian communities and central drop-off points throughout the installation.


The Fort Knox Recycle Branch is a not-for-profit Morale, Welfare, & Recreation organization supporting the soldiers and their families on Fort Knox. For more than 20 years, our recycling branch has worked as partners with the local community and businesses, developing effective recycling programs. This has resulted in cost savings through landfill avoidance and has conserved valuable landfill space.


All funds produced above and beyond actual operating costs are used toward quality of life projects on Fort Knox.

The Fort Knox Recycle Center allows for the processing of more tons per day. The Fort Knox Recycle Center recycles two colors of glass (clear and brown); all plastic bottles; tin, steel, and aluminum cans (to include paint cans and pails); cardboard; boxboard; newspaper with inserts; undeliverable standard mail; magazines; catalogs; white paper; colored paper; copy paper; computer paper; mixed office paper; toner cartridges; ink jet cartridges; CD ROM discs; scrap dimensional lumber; wooden pallets; sheet steel; heavy steel; stainless steel; mixed steel; cast iron; copper (#1 & #2); brass; aluminum sheet & trim; aluminum extrusions; and aluminum castings. Wood products recycled include wooden pallets, wooden crates, & dimensional lumber.

1. Recycle bins are to be used for recycle items only.  Occupants are using them for leaves, dirt, and garbage. Damaged bins should be returned to self help for replacement.

2. Please remove all food from containers i.e.: pizza from the box, wash out all jars and bottles , remove caps and tops lids

3 Diapers and sanitary napkins aren't to be placed in the recycle bins, they are not recyclable, also a health hazard.  

4. Plastic flower pots are not recyclable please put in the garbage.

5. please look at your list of recyclable items that we take here at fort Knox if it is not on the list we don't recycle it, if you have any questions about recycling please call our office and we can help you. With out your support your recycle program can not be effective.

6. cardboard boxes are to be broken down with boxes broken down it gives you more room in the dumpster.

Assistance To Others

The Fort Knox Recycle Center tries to help others in need as much as possible. The recycle program assists military units in need of lumber, pallets, and other materials for special projects. They also try to streamline the units' process of turning in materials to recycle. One example of the many ways they do this is by arranging to have roll-off containers placed at major motor pools for the units to recycle scrap metal.

For people moving in or moving out, the Recycle Center has answers to some of these common questions: •What do you do with your empty boxes? •What if you need some boxes? •Need to weigh your vehicle for a DITY move? Click here for answers to these common questions on moving in - moving out.

Education Program

Educating the public is a main concern for the Recycle Center. Brochures and flyers are included in information packets given to every military member assigned to post housing. These list the numerous items that may be recycled in Fort Knox and the instructions on how to recycle in the housing area. A list of drop-off sites is also included. Recycle displays are set up for major environmental events, such as Earth Day, America Recycles Day, and the Fort Knox Information Fair at the Recycle Center and the Fort Knox Post Exchange.

The Fort Knox Recycle Center's education effort focuses on the younger audience since we have an opportunity to build an "environmentally aware" younger generation--a move that we hope will put pressure on parents to recycle and make recycling the "norm" rather than the "exception" in the future. Therefore, much of the educational program involves school-age youngsters through special programs such as poster contests and guest appearances in the schools. Tours are given to school groups, scouting and other youth groups, civic leaders, the general public and key personnel. Recycle representatives visit schools, civic and official groups whenever requested.

Every year the Recycle Center hosts the Fort Knox Earth Day celebration in conjunction with DBOS Environmental Division, FLO, Fort Knox PX & Commissary. In 1997, they hosted the first "America Recycles Day" on November 15, where tours of the facility were given, contests and drawings to win free prizes were set up, and a lesson for every interested party was given to learn how to make a golf course out of recyclable materials.

Through the Recycle Center’s education process focusing on today's youth, from various advertisements, news releases and articles, how-to brochures and flyers, to examining and evaluating the recycling process in the Fort Knox community, their goal of establishing community awareness is met with extreme success.

To find out more about the Fort Knox Recycle Center and all of its varying programs, or to set up a group tour or education session, please call (502) 624-5026.

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