Youth Sports Scholarships

Youth Sports Sign-ups Calendar

Our Goal is EVERY child/youth be afforded the opportunity
to participate in Sports (if the family desires)

1.  Purpose.  To define procedures to follow for applying for/approving CYS Scholarships.  Scholarships for sports activity fees will only be awarded to those qualifying as long as funds are available. These funds are available through donations made through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Approval of scholarships will be applicable for 1 year of sports or two semesters of sports related instructional classes.  A scholarship is only available for team sports activities or sports related instructional programs.  

2.  Procedures.  Parents wanting to apply for scholarships must adhere to the following steps.

        a.  Contact Army Community Service at 624-1996/6291 between the hours of 0800 � 1630 to schedule an appointment with the Financial Readiness office for evaluating household finances.  Patrons will need to take prior month LES and spouses last pay voucher, if applicable, and previous month bills.

     b.  CYS patron will bring the budget evaluation to the CYS Coordinator�s Office, 4248 Bullion Blvd. for review.

     c.  Based on budget assessment and funds availability, scholarship will be approved or disapproved and forwarded to CYS registration office 1384 Vine Grove Road.  The CYS registration office will notify patrons of the decision.

     d.  Patron with approved scholarships must pay their own annual registration fee.  Once paid, the patron may proceed to sign up for a sport with CYS registration office using standard registration procedures.

 3. Contact:  For more information on the program, call CYS at (502) 624-3232 or DSN 464-3232.